How did a 15 -year-old boy, who did not even know what a pancreas is, discover a way to detect pancreatic cancer for three pennies in seven months time? The answer is this, and it is startling.

It is not because the boy has some genetic superpower brain. It is not because he is a supernatural being hidden in human form. The boy started an Internet search, he began studying and conducting experiments in his high school lab. He had a novice knowledge of biology that a Freshman should have.

This is where he is different.  Let me explain using this analogy: the boy was not operating from an eight-ounce glass. The current scientific model operates out of an eight-ounce glass. The glass is built based on a bunch of theories. Someone funds the experiments, based upon the glass model. The scientist must stay with in the boundaries of the glass model, or the funding will not be possible, and/or he risks his reputation and career as a scientist.

The boy had no one overlooking him while he was conducting his research and experiments. the boy’s discovery only proves that our medical system is biased, operating under an eight-ounce glass. Think how many experts were insulted by the boy’s discovery! I hope this gets under their skin, and that we will start to see more experts pulling away from the eight-ounce glass system and start making some more scientific progress. By the way, the 15-year-old boy was inspired by the new biology of epigenetics. I have stated this time and time this last year. It is, has never been, or will be about genes. It is how our genes get expressed by our lifestyle choices. There are some scientists still trying to fit epigenetics in their eight-ounce glass. Our 15-year-old friend just rocked the scientific world, and I hope it woke you up as well!

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