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10 Principles to Maximize your Natural Ability to Heal


Promoting positive thinking and creating a constructive attitude are of paramount importance in the process of healing. Medical practitioners of all hues have recognized this. The self-healing power of the body becomes more powerful when it gets active support from the mind. Chiropractors need only initiate the healing process by providing favorable circumstances. The body will continue the process, encouraged and assisted by the mind.


Most of us have not learned yet how to access this self-healing power, or even believe in such potential. Below are ten principles to maximize your natural ability to heal. Whether you are currently dealing with a physical, emotional, or mental challenge and receiving medical treatment or not, these ten principles will allow you to access and maximize your self-healing potential:


  1. Focus on wellness, health, vitality, keeping your spinal alignment and healing rather than disease.
  2. Discover empowering reasons why you want to heal.
  3. Give specific “orders” to the body and mind, telling it what you want it to do by using affirmations.
  4. See the disease as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  5. Use visualizations and creative imagery to stimulate self-healing potential.
  6. Never give up hope. Trust that your body knows how to heal.
  7. Use meditation and relaxation exercises on a daily basis.
  8. Give the body proper nutrition.
  9. Get at least eight hours of sleep each night.
  10. Feed the body with joy, harmony, and laughter.


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