What can just one pound of extra fat do?

New medical research from The Physiology of the Joints report that for every one pound of extra weight, it equates to 10 pounds of extra pressure on the discs in the lower lumbar spine.

That is it folks… Only one pound.

So the 20 or 30 pounds of extra weight you may be carrying equates to 200 to 300 extra pounds of pressure on the discs in your lower back.

For those of you who are patients of ours, you know that your lifeline (spinal cord) runs through your vertebral column. Increasing stresses to your spine from excessive body weight can put harmful strains on your nerve system and since these nerves supply every vital organ in the body, you will subsequently alter the life flow to those organs.


“Of the 9 systems of the body, the nervous system is SUPREME.  It regulates and controls all other systems and relates the individual to their environment.”  -Gray’s Anatomy